Monday, 1 August 2011

Shoes Modification

Bought this shoes at 50% discount.. dun really like the design... wanna make it look cuter.
Ribbon is what it takes. :D

Material & tools needed:-
Sewing machine/needle 
Black thread
Black shinny fabric
Marking tools (the grey colour thingy)
This is how it looks like originally. 
 Cut two piece of black fabric. 
draw 2 lines at each side (marking for sewing later)
after you draw the lines, flip the fabric over.
Fold it like picture below. 
Sew according to white lines, then turn the rectangle inside out.
Next fold the edges of the hole inside so it fits with the rest of the side, stitch it.
opps... forgot to take picture for how to make the bow.
no worries. it is very easy.
now you have a rectangle on your hand. 
Pinch in the middle so it forms a crease.
Stitch the crease in place. 
Wrap around the thread in the middle with a strip of black fabric.
Lastly, glue it or sew it on the shoes.

Before & After

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