Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eyes Lasik Anniversary

I did my eyes Lasik last year on 23 Apr 2010. Wanted to get rid of my spec for quite some time but not dare to take the risk and Lasik operation is quite expansive. Oh… u might be wondering why not just wear contact lens. I start wearing contact lens since secondary school time. Maybe I didn't take care of my eyes so much back then, I kind of having mild dry eye syndrome which contact lens will make it worst.

So happened that me and my family passed by Vista road show on a random weekend, after check up I am qualify for eye Lasik surgery. Life is short. Just do it. The package i selected is Intralase + Advance Aspheric B&L Lasik for both eyes @ RM5,596.(Original price RM5,996, discount RM400)

Before Eye Lasik


The drastic different after eye Lasik with perfect eye sight is I can check out the clock whenever I wan without glasses. It’s is very irritating that at night or early morning you need to get up and wear ur glasses just to find out what time is it.

I can run and swim without worrying blurry obstacle. Hahaha…. Sound like I’m so keen in sport. ;p But I can walk under rain without unnecessary clumsiness with wet spectacle now for sure.

My doctor is Alan Koh Kok Khiang (oh… now oni I realized he is triple K) ;p He is very patient and gentle. He did calm me down a lot during surgery. He also did eye Lasik for Myfm DJ Gan Mei Yan. The sales person showed me their picture during promoting time.

Oh... found tis website online. Very informative. Please read this before you decide whether or not to opt for eye lasik surgery.
 Vista consultant analysing and explaining the test result
 Very colourful graft for my eyes
 The papers are to test whether I have dry eye syndrome or not
 Operation time!! noticed i circled the green duckie soft toy? That is for patient to hug during eye lasik operation. 
 Cant really remember what doctor is doing after numbed my eyes.
Can't remember whether creating flap on the cornea here or on the next machine.
 Lasik time, I need to stare at a tiny red light for 60 second for each eyes then voila "it's done!!" :D
 can c my eye on the screen at top left corner.
They gave me a very manly sunglasses coz after lasik eyes are very sensitive to sunlight.
 Picture taken with Doctor Alan right after operation. In fact i cant c anything at all. but still managed to put on my V V hand. ;p
Vista Brochure. I lost the original one i got in 2010. This is new price list. Yeah... price increased already.
My eyes lasik for both eyes are RM5,596.(Original price RM5,996, discount RM400)
Click on the picture to enlarge it.


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