Monday, 18 April 2011

To do list

I am soooo into clay now....wanted to make cupcake, slice cake, fruits, tarts, cookies, ice cream and macaroon from clay. Just bought red and brown toy clay last Sunday. sadly they are out of white colour clay.  will go back to the store and get other colours as well.

Really need a to do list coz my bf kept nagging me for buying too much handicraft stuff but nothing solid being produce yet. ;p

  1. a dress for myself (i have grey, black, grey, leapord print, khakis colour fabric now) Done in April
  2. a cover for my workshop chair Done in April
  3. dozen of cushion cover
  4. clay miniatures
  5. clay button
  6. deco my workshop
  7. more nail design 
  8. fondant cupcake
  9. fondant birthday cake

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