Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Herbal Chicken Soup (炖鸡汤)

I like soup coz it is easy to cook and very nutritious. Last week, got a drumstick from my FMIL and so happened I have ready pack herbs for cooking soup. So convenient. ;) wash the non powder herbs and put into stew pot (炖盅). Then can start prep for chicken.
This is how stew pot look like.

~Prep the chicken~
I got a huge drumstick which comes with thigh. So I chopped the drumstick into two pieces. For soup better keep the chicken into big pieces if not all the meat will fall apart. Next is removing the skin and excess fat, so that the soup wouldn’t be so oily.
Boil a pot of water. When it’s boiled, throw in the chicken for 30 second. Once the chicken turn into lighter color, pick it up and put into stew pot.

Put a bowl of water into slow cooker, then put in the stew pot (with herbs and chicken in it)
Add water into the stew pot. Let it cook overnight. I used auto mood.
Next morning, add in some salt then u will have nice warm chicken soup for breakfast. J

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